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Remembering Basics Of Marketing For Digital Gain!!!

Remembering basics of marketing for digital gain | Digital Marketing

Remembering basics of marketing for digital gain | Digital Marketing

Lets go back and recognize this fact that marketing approach has not changed a lot and founding principles are the same but mode of communication has changed!

Remembering basics of marketing for digital gain | Digital Marketing

Remembering basics of marketing for digital gain | Digital Marketing

Content in the Graphic:

Digital marketing is nothing just applying traditional marketing principles on digital platforms. That is why we need to remember that what is the customer buying decision process and provide all relevant information on your website, social media, search engine and other digital mediums. Above diagram is the prompter what needs to be done for creating such capabilities for your brand to give convenience to the potential customer which ultimately contributes to higher conversions rates.

Communication is the next big thing in marketing. The basic objective in this strategy is to keep shown see-saw diagram in mind while designing marketing campaigns may it be conventional or digital. Through your interaction with the prospect if you achieve shown result then your conversion rates are going to increase. It is worth noting that communication is not conducted only in FIND stage it is required in all three stages of Marketing such as Lead Generation, Sales and After Sales.
Here things are getting different from traditional marketing and that is you need to perform online optimization in digital era. It is important to understand that all the buzz words like SEO or SMO are interlocked with your website. Hence if you optimize your website then you will be able to get SEO and SMO ultimately. This will help tremendously in increasing conversion rates.

Marketing Funnel:
Understanding funnel is also vital. Areas to look for are:
>Funnel will get narrower as it goes down.
>Synergy between three stages which are shown as white lines in the diagram.
>Outcome should be that you achieve growth.
This strategy has always worked for me I start from customer irritants in the market. If your brand is new and you don’t have clientele then conduct research on clientele of competition. This will straight away help you in developing the competitive advantage in the market upfront. Please note at times you have to think out of the box as well because it is not necessary that your competition is addressing all customer needs so focusing on needs/issues is another viable approach to form your strategy.

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