Social CRM | Convert | Managing Leads

Social CRM | Convert | Managing Leads

Social CRM | Convert | Managing Leads
Social CRM | Convert | Managing Leads

This is the forth info-graphic in the series of 10 graphics. Objective is to show desired capabilities when it comes to managing lead in the Convert Phase of marketing. Importance of this activity is that it develops lead packages for the next activity of customer visitation plans.

Social CRM - Convert - Managing Leads
Social CRM – Convert – Managing Leads

Content of the Graphic:

Analyzing Leads

is to examine the database and its assigned values by preceding phase on demographics and nature of response or intent received by the potential lead etc. This will help sales department to tailor their approach in tackling these leads.

Assigning Triggers

to leads help Sales force to rationalize their plan about particular lead. Trigger can be anything  due to which chances of converting the lead to sale increases or decreases. Such as,  potential client may undergo acquisition which may increase or decrease the chances of getting matured.

Segregating leads

Is splitting complete lead package into several smaller packages which can be actionable. Moreover lists should be sorted in a way that HOT Leads should be at served first. Such as, classification as per product or service types, geographical spread, variance in selling model (transactional or Consultative) etc.

Enabling Tracking 

is to assigning unique id to all leads with relevant details like assigning dates and provision for pinning customer interaction minutes for future phases. Usually this is done by entering leads into CRM application or registering leads in manual system.

Validating Leads

is to validate all leads because following activities which are going to happen are expensive and time consuming so it is always better to validate leads by pinging back to search for broken links or contacts etc.

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