Implementing Swarm Intelligence in Social Media Marketing!

Swarm Intelligence in SMM | Digital Marketing
Swarm Intelligence in SMM | Digital Marketing

Social media is still relatively new phenomena having about 5 years of age. Strategists find it difficult to put their strategies on paper in black and white, just because of ambiguous understanding of the subject.

As most of the persons are not aware about the inspiration of social media, which happens to be from swarm intelligence as, discussed in the previous blog “Swarm Intelligence in Marketing”. Social media is all about “collective wisdom” where individuals do not have the real significance, rather when they exchange their views on the topic (May it be in the shape of status posts or blogs etc.) then that discussion or interaction leaves the real impact. Let us examine some key features of swarm intelligence in conjunction with social media marketing.

When organizations develop social network for marketing, they often try to make system by applying their own rules of the game. This is the first mistake they do, because social media always be dealt in the way that it is network of independent individuals who eventually come to the solution themselves by sharing their intelligence over a passage of time. The only thing, which is required in building such systems, is devising communication protocols, selection of roles/expertise and provisioning of tools that rate different approaches just like pheromone of ants and give direction for future users to follow the same ideal route for communicating value to the market place. For instance, if we closely examine Wikipedia then we will find out that they exactly work on this pattern. Readers of the information can act as writers and start contributing content to the encyclopedia. This content then goes into the mode of continual improvement where readers start improving the quality of the article by suggesting changes. Furthermore, same readers when opt the role of regulators can reject and accept changes to the original content and can ask for the justification. Determination of the legitimate change depends on the authenticity of the source of information. Moreover, all community members have to interact in adherence to communication protocols of the website. Such as, talking on the changes or giving references of the source of information etc.

Finally coming to the end of the article there is a suggestion that social networking apps should be used to achieve best results out of social media marketing and concurrence of following aspects are ensured:

  • App should define protocol of communication to bridge language barriers worldwide and to avoid conflicts in interactions.
  • App should provide the interface to select appropriate role to complete assigned objective of social media marketing. For instance, users can view the campaign, contribute to particular campaign and help in promoting the campaign etc. Please note users can only contribute within their area of expertise like graphics expert should work on producing info graphics or pictorials, authors should contribute in content generation, video enthusiasts should concentrate on making videos about the campaign and to name but a few.
  • App should maintain knowledge management system for all users. This knowledge bank should be updates on all conducted efforts by all users. This should not only include success stories but also failures to learn from them. This feature will act as pheromone for users in future involved in the marketing.

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