Bloggers: Use Demand as Trigger to Increase Engagement!

Blog Engagement

Blog Engagement
Blog Engagement

Most of the time bloggers are concentrating in finding topics, which forms the basis of their upcoming blog posts. This activity at times gets them to the point where they run out of ideas for new posts. That is why there is a need of systematic approach, which evolves idea and defines boundary for the development of content.

In this article, we are going to discuss a very simple blogging process, which most of the time worked for me, in getting higher user engagement. There are very easy eight steps, and it is more a common sense than a rocket science:


Pick a topic of your interest on the web. Selection criterion can be a fresh and in demand content.


Promote selected content on your social networks to have a feeling about demand.


Entice audience for engaging with the post and leave useful open-ended comments, so that elaborative discussion can be performed on the subject.


Analyze feedback from audience and do perform Root Cause Analysis to get to know about the root causes of the concerns being raised by the audience.

5. Momentum:

Keep the discussions going until you find conformance with most of the audience participating in the discussion.

6. Development:

Develop blog post on the framework devised above and touching all discussed concerns in detail.

7. References:

Promote your blog post starting from the users already engaged in your former post.  

8. Promotion:

After piling up likes and re-shares go to the public or communities.

This approach helped me a lot on keeping my focus on the topics, which are in demand. Thus, I use demand as the trigger to get user engagement.

Happy Blogging!

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