Seven Ways to Use Storytelling in Your Change Management Initiatives

Interesting analogies to reduce resistance for change.

Metscher's Musings

Change is hard. No one in your organization whether it is small or large wants to change their behavior. Let along their business processes. For class, I have been reading a lot about employee engagement and how communications can be used to help, “turn the tide.”

Change Management and Storytelling

Regardless of the communications vehicle, you need a compelling story to help move people from resistance to acceptance. So how do you tell a story that motivates your employees and stakeholders?

  1. People like to connect to stories.  It’s all about understanding the individual highlighted in the story and how we relate. Tell folks how this change will impact them. Draw it out for them.
  2. Figure out what emotion you want to invoke. What do you want the reader to do next? In communications, you need to identify what your call to action is. Same for change management communications, what do you want your stakeholders…

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