Remedies To Three Pain Areas Of Social Media At Workplace!

Remedies To Pain Areas Of Social Media - Digital Marketing
Remedies To Pain Areas Of Social Media – Digital Marketing

International business fraternity has started taking social media seriously in their marketing endeavors. Since, these are the early days of social media marketing implementation, but straight away, there have been studies conducted on detrimental effects of social media marketing in organizations.

We will try to look at major problems caused by social media at the workplace and then arrive to reasoned conclusion having solutions to them. Please note that there is no single panacea to all problems highlighted but awareness and then controlling the effects will certainly mitigate its adverse effects within tolerance.

  • Social networking sites bring many activities for their users, which distract assigned staff from performing their duties. Staff is attracted towards the other posts of their friends and wastes their official person-hours. Consequently, productivity of the social media professionals dropped considerably due to the introduction of social networking in the workplace.
  • Networking sites provide platform to everyone for posting the information they wish to share with the society. Companies use them for posting information related to their products and services. This calls for risk management that if staff posts anything, which legally or ethically exposes the company, then awkward situation arises.
  • Furthermore, extended usage has detrimental effects on health. Sitting in front of visual display units for many hours puts strain on the eyesight. Moreover, research has proved that computer users get more fatigued then normal person, because electrons from computer display system make them tired and lethargic.

As mentioned in the introduction, that there is no elixir of life to the above pain areas but if we ensure couple of measures then we can mitigates its negative affects within acceptability levels. First and the foremost, is besides using User Interface of social networking websites, companies should develop custom built web applications (such as Social CRM) which provide required functionality of posting and reviewing comments etc. By doing so, organizations can put business rules on posting information on social media and splitting job among different staff members. For example, if one person is the creator/author he submits information to the publisher who gets approval from senior officer and then publishes that information (Posts, Blogs, Media etc.). Secondly, employing rotation policy is the best solution to avoid medical hazards as well as to ensure confidentially of business processes.

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