Remedies To Three Pain Areas Of Social Media At Workplace!

Remedies To Pain Areas Of Social Media - Digital Marketing
Remedies To Pain Areas Of Social Media – Digital Marketing

International business fraternity has started taking social media seriously in their marketing endeavors. Since, these are the early days of social media marketing implementation, but straight away, there have been studies conducted on detrimental effects of social media marketing in organizations.

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Social Media Management

Social Media Management - Digital Marketing

Social Media Management - Digital Marketing
Social Media Management – Digital Marketing

In recent times, if business is not managing their social media presence, then they are missing huge opportunity in grabbing market share. It is important to understand that how social media management is practically implemented in existing organizational structure. There are three levels of management in a typical organization. Top Management works on the vision, mission, and developing business strategies.

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Is Social CRM Innovation Or Need?

Social CRM - Digital Marketing
Social CRM – Digital Marketing

Since the introduction of social media on internet, businesses are exploring methods to utilize this media to their advantage, at the same time increasing revenues and controlling loss of business.

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Influencing Factors For Social Media Marketing!

Social Media Marketing - Digital Marketing
Social Media Marketing – Digital Marketing

Transformation of marketing preference from traditional way to social media is on the rise. Conventional marketing is in practice for many decades now. This is the reason due to which this style considered suitable for businesses today. However, trend is shifting towards social networking rapidly. There are many convincing reasons due to which this change is happening but in this article, we will look at eight compelling motives:

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Classification of Social Media!

Social Media Types - Digital Marketing
Social Media Types – Digital Marketing

In the last decade, there has been a lot of buzz of social media worldwide. There are so many elements in social media that at times it becomes very difficult to comprehend the entire context. The purpose of writing this article and sharing it with the audience is that to bring clarity in understanding of this very popular term “SOCIAL MEDIA”.

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Journey of traditional marketing to digital!

Changing Marketing - Digital marketing
Changing Marketing – Digital marketing

About three decades ago, in early 1980’s mankind developed technology which transformed the traditional way of communications and interaction. Internet is the fastest growing industry in the world as we speak where life of the technology is not even months and there is a constant requirement of continuous progress otherwise you are out of this industry. Internet is for sprinters not for marathon runners.

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Computer Games Vs Traditional Games

Online Games - Digital Marketing
Online Games – Digital Marketing

Transformation of juvenile preferences has been in debates for many years now. One of the leisure activities of youth is playing games on social media platform. Technology proliferation has changed many traditional practices and teenager’s preference on online games is no exception. There are positive and negative effects on their behavior and health, which is discussed below in the same order.

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Technology is making books redundant!

Digital Marketing
Technology – Digital Marketing

It may indeed be true to say, that cyberspace will make written words on paper redundant in times to come; this subject, however, requires further analysis. Most of the people have started claiming that cutting-edge technology will become the principle source of information, thus making books obsolete. Contrariwise, few refute this argument on medical and financial grounds. In this blog, we will put more deliberation on both arguments before arriving to reasoned conclusion.

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Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing
Switch On Digital Marketing In Your Business

Digital Marketing is new flavor in marketing. Basically it is “communicating value” to market through digital gadgets like desktop computers, smartphones, tablet computers etc. Internet marketing is the major portion of digital marketing that is why on most occasions these terms are used interchangeably. Internet Marketing has five major types:

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