Digging into Digital Marketing Gap!


” Despite the vast amounts of consumer data available to help marketers understand and build strong relationships with their customers, the two don’t always align. What marketers believe will delight customers, often turns them off.”

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4 thoughts on “Digging into Digital Marketing Gap!

    1. True! when more than 70% of the population uses smartphones then digital marketing becomes the primary channel to be exploited.

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    As we say the brand promotion industry is quite revamping compare to the last couple of years, It’s changing rapidly to newer heights of business not only in high-tech advertising but also the offline media also. Here the most demanding things are connected with right people to socializing the value of a brand and communicating with the public. Mobile and email marketing is the pillar of a brand to give them more buzz which spreads word of mouth, authorization among competition etc. Meet and debate with the expert team to digital marketing at http://www.linsad.com.my/

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