Overview of GE’s Change Acceleration Process (CAP)


This is a much needed dimension of recent times. Digital marketing requires stringent change management processes. Enjoy the treat of reading this wonderful article!


Agility Science

In 1989-90, under the direction of Jack Welch, GE launched “Work-Out” – a team based problem-solving and employee empowerment program modeled after the Japanese quality circles model that was in vogue at the time.  Work-Out was a huge success and Welch was frustrated by the rate of adoption through the business.  Welch, the visionary, realized that GE (and everyone else!) was entering an era of constant change, and that those who adapted to change the fastest would be the survivors.  He commissioned a team of consultants (including Steve Kerr, who was to become GE’s first Chief Learning Officer) to scour industry and academia to study the best practices in change management and come back to GE with a tool kit that Welch’s managers could easily implement.  The result was the Change Acceleration Process, commonly referred to within GE simply as “CAP.”[1]

The Change Effectiveness Equation

The team studied hundreds…

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Risk Management Dilemma in Digital marketing!

Risk Management In Marketing | Digital Marketing
Risk Management In Marketing | Digital Marketing

Risk analysis and control is one of the key areas of management. However, due to some reason risk management somehow has not been core component of marketing practices. Although other field of studies such as project management, business analysis and Information technology has been implementing risk management principles with full spirit and zeal. Thus, in this blog post we will try to look at some of the famous failures in marketing initiatives, then we try to examine the problems and finally we will conclude with recommendations to overcome this dilemma of lack of integration of Risk management with digital marketing.

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