What Is Digital Marketing ?

changing world of marketing…

How To Do Search Engine Optimization!

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the facets of online brand promotion. It is important to understand that why SEO is important for business progression. Millions of internet users … Continue reading

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My inspiration and reason for creating this blog submitted for your kind information. About.

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Social CRM | Find | Closure Activity

This is the third info-graphic in the series of 10 graphics. Objective is to show desired capabilities when it comes to closing activity of Find phase of marketing. Importance of … Continue reading

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Social CRM | Find | Execute Phase

This is the third info-graphic in the series of 10 graphics. Objective of this info-graphic is to reflect the capabilities/needs of the execution module in social crm.

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Social CRM | Find | Planning

This info-graphic is second in the series of ten. Objective of this graphic is to show what capabilities are desired for planning activity in find/promotion phase.

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Seamless Integration of CRM with Social Media!

Since the inception of Web 2.0 businesses need CRM solution which seamlessly Integrates Social Media to their Customer Relationship Management applications. Please review following Infographic which is first in the series … Continue reading

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Remedies To Three Pain Areas Of Social Media At Workplace!

International business fraternity has started taking social media seriously in their marketing endeavors. Since, these are the early days of social media marketing implementation, but straight away, there have been … Continue reading

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Social Media Management

In recent times, if business is not managing their social media presence, then they are missing huge opportunity in grabbing market share. It is important to understand that how social media … Continue reading

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Is Social CRM Innovation Or Need?

Since the introduction of social media on internet, businesses are exploring methods to utilize this media to their advantage, at the same time increasing revenues and controlling loss of business.

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Influencing Factors For Social Media Marketing!

Transformation of marketing preference from traditional way to social media is on the rise. Conventional marketing is in practice for many decades now. This is the reason due to which … Continue reading

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Classification of Social Media!

In the last decade, there has been a lot of buzz of social media worldwide. There are so many elements in social media that at times it becomes very difficult … Continue reading

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Journey of traditional marketing to digital!

About three decades ago, in early 1980’s mankind developed technology which transformed the traditional way of communications and interaction. Internet is the fastest growing industry in the world as we … Continue reading

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Computer Games Vs Traditional Games

Transformation of juvenile preferences has been in debates for many years now. One of the leisure activities of youth is playing games on social media platform. Technology proliferation has changed … Continue reading

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Technology is making books redundant!

It may indeed be true to say, that cyberspace will make written words on paper redundant in times to come; this subject, however, requires further analysis. Most of the people have started … Continue reading

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Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is new flavor in marketing. Basically it is “communicating value” to market through digital gadgets like desktop computers, smartphones, tablet computers etc. Internet marketing is the major portion … Continue reading

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