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Download WISDIM.xlsx | File Size 7.45 MB

This workbook is developed for individual bloggers or online publishers. Workbook have ten sheets. Dashboard sheet is the main menu which connects to all sheets in the workbook. There are following capabilities in the workbook:

  • Planning
  • Creating
  • Promoting
  • Feedback
  • Audience with Contacts
  • Graphs:
    • Promotion Vs Impression | Line Graph
    • Conversion Rate | Pie Chart
    • Contacts Types | Pie Chart
    • Promotion Efforts | Pie Chart

Gray background cells does not require data-input, as it may be a combo list from where data is to be selected or formula field which will be calculated automatically. Moreover, there are several lists shown on black background cells if sheet is scrolled to the right which can be amended as per the requirement.

Password is required to open workbook and for this purpose you are requested to >>click here!<< or send email to osmaanz@gmail.com with subject “WISDIM-Download”.

Happy Blogging!

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    February 4, 2014

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