Increase audience engagement through social media communities!

Social Media Communities

Social Media Communities
Social Media Communities

Personal experience tells that posting messages in communities and groups trigger more visits to your website or blog, than postings on the wall as public messages.

Therefore, it is vital to be part of these communities. There is couple of aspects, if you consider going on the path of registering with social media groups, which are:

Selection Criteria

  • Like-minded groups or communities, should be chosen.
  • Active participation of group members is a key in selection. Always remember fundamental reason for promoting brands or ideas on social media is engagement.
  • Higher number of members is the next criterion for opting for the group. But don’t forget thumb rule “Quantity with Quality”
  • Communities with balance approach towards promoting brands are the preference.
  • Groups having more categories are more efficient as it provides aid in searching content.
  • Closed Groups carries more weight than open groups. However, to get into closed group is rather difficult to join but at the end it worth trying.

Consideration for Participation

  • It is better to join less number of groups so that you can maintain ethical association with the community.
  • The general rule is to participate actively, in the community in order to attract other active participants.
  • It is vital to keep up the trust level among audience, by promoting posts and articles posted by other members of the community.
  • Humor, emotions, information & suggestions are the other dimensions for posts.
  • Diversified Posts: Pictures, Articles, Infographics, Videos & Presentations
  • Events are emerging aspect of social networking, which comes handy in attracting audience.
  • Timelines are the basic form of social networking layout. Therefore, timing of the post counts a lot and most of the time it is make or break. It is recommended to conduct random assessment of the members about their time zones. For instance, find out few posts in the community, which got maximum exposure, and engagement in the shape of shares and likes. Then note down their posting times. This will give you fair idea about appropriate time zone to follow.
  • Acknowledging Shares and likes help in raising the bar of audience engagement.
  • Plagiarism is the curse in today’s world of social media and spoils repute like anything, because it literally takes less than a minute to copy and paste content from the article, post, videos etc. on search engines to find out about the originality of the content.
  • Always use “#” hash tags to specify the keyword in the post this gives maximum exposure to the content even outside your social circle. Other beauty of using hash tags is that the person who is looking for specific keyword is easily engaged.

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