Social CRM | Convert | Planning Interactions

Social CRM | Convert | Planning Interactions

Social CRM | Convert | Planning Interactions
Social CRM | Convert | Planning Interactions

This is the fifth info-graphic in the series of 10 graphics. Objective is to show desired capabilities when it comes to planning interactions in the Convert Phase of marketing. Importance of this activity is that it develops interaction packages for the next activity of executing interactions.

Social CRM | Convert | Planning Interactions
Social CRM | Convert | Planning Interactions

Content of the graphic:


  •  Contact Details
  •  Needs (As Is State)
  •  Wants (To Be State)
  •  Irritants (Gap In Needs)

Gather as much contacts as possible for particular lead like facebook, twitter, lindedIn and email etc. Details of the feedback received from the lead. Understanding needs, wants and irritants in product or services. Last but not the least social influence (here klout is useful).


  •  Social Networking
  •  Blogging
  •  Bookmarking
  •  News
  •  Emailing
  •  Search Engine
  •  VoIP

It is vital to investigate consumption factor of using different social media sites to see where there is more potential strategic gains in engagement. If lead uses twitter more than facebook then that particular lead will be good for viral marketing and so on.


  •  Geo Location
  •  Time
  •  Days

This where google maps comes handy and you should map these leads on the map to see the exact location to see time zones. What is the ideal time to reach and on which days.


  •  Age
  •  Gender
  •  Behavior
  •  Culture

You cannot speak or interact with anyone unless you are aware of the demographics of the potential lead. It should be noted that your campaign should have the variety for engaging different demographics such as funny aspect for males, emotional for females and comics for young audience etc. Culture is also very important aspect to consider before interaction.


  •  Group Memberships
  •  Related Stance
  •  Likes
  •  Comments
  •  Shares

If you do some research on the lead it become useful in understanding what sort of comments he/she use to post, and what sort of messages entice particular lead to comment or share or like etc. This information will help in making strategy for engaging this particular lead. Always remember like minded people  can be found on the same community or group so it is pragmatic approach to see in which communities or groups this particular lead is subscribed.


  •  How to Interact
  •  What to Pitch
  •  When to Interact
  •  Where to Interact
  •  Follow Up Scheme

Now is the time for icing on the cake! Prepare strategy of not more than five to six sentences for engaging particular lead basing on the information acquired above. Please note as the time is passing your efforts become more expensive therefore sifting of leads is very important to make full use of the allocated budget of marketing.

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