RECAP! From DOS commands to Web Applications.

MS DOS and PHP | Digital Marketing

MS DOS and PHP | Digital Marketing
MS DOS and PHP | Digital Marketing

For many years, I have been missing the dos window. I found DOS based programs developed in C++ to be most efficient programs I have ever encountered due to following reasons:

  • No Multitasking makes them more stable and one concentrates on the core activity unlike now where you have many distractions such as social networking etc.
  • DOS based programs only relied on text to explain the context of the program.
  • These applications were more secure than web enabled programs, which have opened doors for hackers, sniffers or Trojans etc.
  • Logical navigation makes it easy to understand where specific element is located and how to access it rather than putting up a direct link to a dashboard destroying the logical structure for user to understand.
  • Developers have more control over machine resources like memory and peripheral devices exploiting maximum efficiencies out of them.
  • At that time there were technical masters doing jobs where as now Jack of all concept is gaining popularity, which compromises quality and stability of the program. For instance, with the advent of business process management platforms, business managers automate their business processes with the help of process building agents as per their business requirements with the assumption that platform will look after all technical aspects of the application. Here important to understand that no two IT networks are exactly the same as other, so there is a need to make adjustments in the development approach to address those variant issues.

However further analysis reveals drawbacks to this way of thinking because there are certain advantages of moving to Web2.0 generation from DOS. Some of them are stated below:

  • Now applications are connected to social networks, which certainly help in marketing and selling due to ease in communication. Moreover, customers are more interactive as they can put up reviews and show their interest in the shape of likes, shares or commenting.
  • Applications developed in the current era are more focused on business requirements, as application in the previous generation are more platform oriented and there were technical considerations that dominates in the development of applications.
  • Platform independence made it possible to business managers to automate their business processes as per their needs through Business Process Management.
  • Applications are more user friendly with less data entry requirements. Touch screen technology is the way of life of modern age where tablets and smart phones are the two most preferred options as we speak. Customizable menus help in organizing different menu items as per user needs.

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