Digital Pheromone

Digital Pheromone In Digital Marketing

Digital Pheromone In Digital Marketing
Digital Pheromone In Digital Marketing

Although there are many natural examples of swarm intelligence ranging From flock of birds to school of fish. However, in this blog post we will be discussing Ant Colony Optimization to imitate same behabiour in digital marketing. Ants are the inspirational creatures who collectively can achieve goals, which are hard to belief keeping in mind the size of tiny species. Such as, optimized short route identification for searching and transporting food, making bridges by holding on to each other legs and to name but a few.

Rules of Ant Colony Optimization (ACO)

It is vital to deeply understand the simple rules which ants follow for searching and moving food from one point to another:

Rules Of ACO | Digital Marketing
Rules Of ACO | Digital Marketing
  1. When ants move they constantly release pheromone on the path. Pheromone is the chemical substance, which has a scent, and after some time it evaporates automatically.
  2. Following ants choose the path where they smell more pheromone scent and add on further pheromone on the path. Gradually their system of transport gets efficient, as shortest route end up having more pheromone.
  3. There is no leadership concept in this community, even the queen ant who just lays eggs and gives birth to infinite number of ants is not a leader. The guiding element for all ant workers is pheromone.

This self-organized system is a category of Swarm Intelligence (SI) which further can be classified as offshoot of artificial intelligence (AI).

How to Implement ACO in Digital Marketing?

We need “Pheromone” of some kind to implement ACO in digital marketing. Trail of all activities performed by all users which replicates the concept of pheromone can be termed as “Digital Pheromone”.

What Is Digital Pheromone?

It is a timeline of network users doing marketing activities. With the passage of time people imitate those activities which went successful and abandon their own activities as they were not as successful, eventually these activities will move down to the timeline and ultimately get out of their timelines.

Some key areas which should be posted on the timeline are:

  • Time of interaction posts /blogs /microblogs /media /sms/ email etc.
  • Content of the interaction.
  • Statistics like share, likes, comments and impressions by the users.
  • Targeted consumers demographics and behaviors
  • How targeted consumers are approached either through social media contacts, social media pages, search engine, email marketing, sms, social media forums/groups/communities and references etc.
  • Highlighting influencers of successful outcomes.


Digital Pheromone |Timeline

Digital Pheromone is the concept similar to the timelines where activities are shown in chronological order but the only difference is the activities are not focused towards consumers, rather they are focused on digital marketing endeavors like creating content, getting feedback, approach how the customers are engaged etc. Please note that all different products and services should have different timelines. Each timeline details are shown in the diagram below:


Digital Pheromone | Digital Marketing
Digital Pheromone | Digital Marketing

Digital Pheromone | following timeline

  • If individual user chooses to follow timeline then app should make automatic schedule to imitate same series of activities.
  • Alert Management System should prompt an alert when the deadline is reached on some activity.
  • User can opt for variant activity which will enable that person to deviate from scheduled activity but it should be for only one instance and should be reflected in variance report. This will rationalize these series of interactions even more.

Coming to end of the topic i would request all of my readers to comment on the blog post as it will certainly help in moving research forward. 

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