BACK TO SQUARE ONE ! Looking at the Horizon.

ICT Horizon | Digital Markeing
ICT Horizon | Digital Markeing

Information and Communication Technology (I.C.T.) is one of the fields that are continuously changing with the passage of time. Owing to this, associated industries need to change as well to cop with it, such as Digital Marketing. Looking at the technology evolution, you do not require to be a rocket scientist in anticipating future direction. There are going to be significant changes in ICT through out the world. In this blog post, we are going to examine what are those changes and what will be the effects of transformation respectively.

We are witnessing a shift before us, where people have already started using tablets or smart phones more than laptops and desktop computers. Well to be honest couple of years back there was not a single day when I have not used my laptop and that includes weekend, whereas now I remain fully operational even staying away couple of days from laptop. This is possible due to the inception of three things: smart phones, tablets and Web2.0 (Social Media). Consequently, demand for cloud computing skyrocketed because of the simple fact that tablets and smart phones, are good for doing simple tasks with less storage and processing overhead.

It is very interesting that we are “back to square one” after so many years of development in technology that once again we have started using thin clients and desiring thick servers in the shape of cloud computing. Initially we had Mainframes and thin computers as clients, but now we are going to have cloud computing service provider and smart phones. Initially server was as big as a room and now we are going to have building with cloud computing networks. It is fascinating to point out that someone rightly quoted that “World is round!” we ended up to the same point from where we have started, although with different approach.

Now let us try to examine the effects of said transformation on ICT landscape:

  • In coming years Android and iOS will become more popular operating system then Windows. So good-bye Windows! as windows  was popular for client machines and usually for servers industries prefer operating systems like Linux, Unix, Novel etc.
  • Programming approach will revert to three-tier architecture from N-Tier architecture; Backend, business rules (Middle tier) and user interface (Front End).
  • Organizations will require less capital outlay to make their staff operational, because issuing them only smart phones and make them operate from their houses will not require big office buildings and office equipment. However, not 100% staff will be working from their residences obviously some staff will be required in back office.
  • Online/Virtual interactions will significantly decrease the need for physical interactions for achieving business objectives.
  • Hierarchy based organizations will transformed to Swarm Intelligence based networks, where there will be fewer leaders but more doers performing their assigned tasks as a self organized system.

Finally, the advise is same as mentioned in one of my previous posts “Change With The Change, Otherwise Change Will Change You”. In this case change is more of coming back to square one.

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