Following BABOK V2.0 In Digital Marketing!

BABOK and Digital Marketing

BABOK and Digital Marketing
BABOK and Digital Marketing

Social CRM is the buzzword of the recent time and progressing organizations are considering developing capability to expand their reach into the boundaries of social media. Personally, do not agree with the term “SOCIAL CRM”. The reason for this is that it is merely same set of principles and objectives as with conventional CRM applications, the only difference is that communication medium is changed. Therefore, if keep on changing names just because of changes in medium then we will have thousands of aliases of CRM in ten years time because technology is changing rapidly. By the way, don’t forget a term “Digital CRM” which is more broader term then “Social CRM” but, fact of the matter is to refrain from renaming traditional marketing terms, unless there is a major shift in objectives and principles like Digital Marketing which removes geographical barriers and moved marketing from localized approach to global approach etc. If we closely analyze business analysis field of study (BABOK) then we will get to know that it has bunch of useful techniques and framework, which are useful to understand online consumers and devising solutions for them. There are many techniques, which BABOK borrowed from marketing and other fields, but since BABOK is more of a standardized approach for analyzing businesses. Furthermore, it is rationalized for online stakeholders due to extensive usage in ICT industry. Therefore, it is advisable to look into this field in depth to adopt appropriate techniques for gaining digital marketing objectives. Digital marketing predominantly understands consumer needs and analyze them. In other words I say them “requirements” which is more appropriate term as it signifies that needs of the customers are translated into requirements, and these requirements need to be met through marketing solution. If we go with this concept, then BABOK can easily be integrated into digital marketing seamlessly, and we will have the standardized approach of understanding customer requirements and analysis. Moreover, this will help us in creating requirement packages and ensure tight mapping of all the developed solutions with customer needs and wants. Synergy between BABOK and Digital Marketing will sufficiently addresses the challenge of technology pervasiveness. As instead of, basing your business processes of understanding consumer needs and wants on software packages, you are taking one-step back and using founding principles of those applications as your base such as BABOK.




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