Seeding An App In Swarm Marketing Network

Swarm Marketing Network | Digital Marketing
Swarm Marketing Network | Digital Marketing

This is the third post on the subject of Swarm Intelligence in Marketing. We will take one step further by discussing how swarm marketing network can be established.

This system will evolve with the passage of time by sharing intelligence among several **stakeholders of the network as shown in the diagram above, just like a tree where you seed and wait it to grow itself. Please note individuals basing on their expertise can opt for one or more roles as shown above and start registering with the app. However,  transparent criteria having tangible rules should be enforced in order to maintain the viability of the network.  In other words we can say that we are developing a nucleus and specifying its interfaces for the world to connect to, as more and more individuals are connecting to the nucleus the atom will grow bigger and getting stable.

App should specify the protocols of all overlapping areas as shown in the diagram that is either direct interaction with other **stakeholder or nucleus app. For instance, how Strategist should communicate with Subject Matter Expert or how Monitors should report the progress of marketing to strategist. Moreover, what are the guidelines for submitting strategies and what elements needs to be covered in the marketing strategy deliverable? In the post we are not going into a debate of whether some of the stakeholders should be confined to organization only, to ensure confidentiality or protecting trade secrets. Because, this will lead us away from our topic and at this point of time we are concerned about the concept only whether it is a viable option or not.

Another aspect of the app is that it should provide following features to all stakeholders to work in a synergy:

  • Knowledge Management System (aka KMS): All marketing endeavors should be logged into KMS for future reference. This includes, success stories, failures, lessons learned and best practices along with guidelines.
  • Key Performance Indicators (aka KPI): all stakeholders should have access to their dashboard having details of their performances in the shape of KPIs. This will keep them motivated.
  • Incentive Program: all stakeholders should have incentives on their successful completion of tasks/objectives.
  • Project Management: all stakeholders should have project management tools at their disposal, as all activities will be time-bound and should be dealt with appropriate project management methodologies. For instance, Scheduling, Workbreakdown Structure, Costing, Risk Management, Quality Assurance, Communication plans and to name but a few.
  • Social Media Integration: all stakeholders should have required social media capabilities in the app which should integrate seamlessly with the concerning social networking sites.
  • Sharing Social Network Contacts: all stakeholders should be able to share their social contacts and be awarded a credit in the incentive program, which will ultimately contribute in earning commissions. Moreover, it is not necessary that all stakeholders are affiliates and in order to communicate value to their individual contacts will be performed by other affiliates under privacy rules.

** Stakeholders Explanations

  • Strategists: Developing and reviewing marketing strategies
  • Consultants or SMEs: Subject Matter Expert
  • Journalists: Assignment of attractive titles to marketing content
  • Writers: creating high quality and effective content
  • Regulators:  Controlling changes by accepting/rejecting basing on real facts or authentic sources.
  • Publishers: Integrating Media, Content and Consumer Demographics together
  • Affiliates: Doers of marketing and sales functions
  • Reviewers/Consumers: Customers rate the product and services experience.
  • Monitors: keep track of the progress.

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