Six Stage Process Of Content Marketing!

Content Marketing | Digital Marketing

Content Marketing | Digital Marketing
Content Marketing | Digital Marketing

Digital marketing include several integrated components like Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Marketing and Display Advertisements. However, one of the key components is content marketing, which falls in almost all of the categories of online marketing. May it be social media or search engine marketing you need to have attractive content to pull audience to your brand.

Let us discuss ideal application of the process of content marketing in organizations:

  1. Marketing Strategist: Strategist has the pivotal role in determining when and how to conduct digital campaign of content promotion.
  2. S.M.E.: Subject Matter Experts (SME) brainstorm different dimensions of the subject and come up with the Idea and Consumer Need Analysis with associated brand features. They need to formulate consumer demographics as well.
  3. Journalists: journalist skill set is very important in content marketing because giving title to the content is the critical success factor. Throughout their professional life, they work on making headlines that is why their perceptive skills are required to put a tag on the content.
  4. Writers: In content marketing, remember one thing that content will act as magnet, which attracts audience to your brand. Therefore, professional writers are required to come up with the masterpiece, which sounds interesting to particular, demographic of consumer. Here one thing pertinent to mention is that content should be aligned with the title and must be source of attraction for the targeted demographics. For instance, content should have sense of humor to attract male audience and emotional flavor to pull female audience etc.
  5.  Advertisers (AKA Publishers): Advertising agencies should promote content on relevant media as per the guidelines of SME on demographics of the potential market. Advertisers are usually very good at recommending how to convey message to the marketplace, due to their diversified professional experience of market interaction.
  6. Marketing Staff: Tactical staff of marketing should focus on monitoring and controlling promotion campaign and keep top management informed by submitting status reports of the digital campaigns.

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