Social CRM | Find | Execute Phase

Social CRM | Find | Execute Thum | Digital Marketing

 Social CRM | Find | Execute Thum | Digital Marketing
Social CRM | Find | Execute Thum | Digital Marketing

This is the third info-graphic in the series of 10 graphics. Objective of this info-graphic is to reflect the capabilities/needs of the execution module in social crm.

Workbench is the area where posts are created. Publisher is the area, which publishes all types of available posts on social media. Integration module provide popular software integration like Ms Word, Powerpoint etc. that assist in creating posts as well as provide options to control permissions. Customer module help in classification of customer database and assign tags, these tags are then used in publishing module to distribute information on need to know basis. Workflow manager is to program business rules and processes into, like who is going to do what and when. Central Monitoring is the heart of the Social CRM Execution phase where you get the audience feedback in the shape of comments, likes or re-shares etc.

Social CRM | Find | Execution Phase
Social CRM | Find | Execution Phase

Content of the Graphic:

    • Creating Microblogs (Twitter, Facebook etc)
    • Creating Blogs (WordPress, Blogger etc)
    • Creating Advertisements (Display Ads, Email Marketing, S.E.M, S.M.M)
    • Creating Vlogs (Youtube, Vimeo etc)
    • Word processor for content marketing having sales and marketing libraries (Articles and Press Releases)
    • Creating Infographics (Flickr etc.)
  • Publisher
    • Publishing blogs
    • Posting Microblogs to social networks
    • Provision for target publishing for specific demographics
    • Provision for scheduling posts
    • Submission of Articles to article directories (GoArticles, EzineArticles)
    • Uploading videos to video hosting servers (Youtube)
    • Uploading Graphics to Image Hosting Servers (Flickr)
    • Publishing in Social bookmarking sites (Delicious, Reddit etc)
    • Publishing Press releases to websites like (Mashable, Digg etc)
  • Integration
    • Image or Graphic (Adobe, Flash, Paint, Powerpoint etc)
    • Videos (Realplayer, Powerpoint, MovieMaker etc)
    • Word Processors to write content (Word etc)
    • Encyclopedias (Wikipedia etc)
    • Web Analytics (Google Analytics etc.)
  • Customer
    • Creating Tags/Circles/Groups of different demographics like for age, location & gender etc
    • Assignment of clients as per above tags (bulk assignments should also be provided.)
    • Please note one client can be assigned to multiple tags-circles-groups.
    • Each demographic tag should have provision of assigning Rules of Engagement and compliance should be ensured during interaction.
  • Workflow Manager
    • Setting up Marketing Departmental Hierarchy
    • Applying Authority and Roles to each designation
    • Process builder for posting, moderation, monitoring, finance, admin, Project management etc.
    • Provision of applying rules on tags as well.
    • Form Builders
    • Report Builders
  • Central Monitoring
    • All views from Social Network, Infographics and Videos should be reported on realtime basis.
    • All likes, shares and tweets should be reported to central monitoring station.
    • Impressions & Clicks should be reported.
    • Sales booking should be reported on realtime basis.
    • Comments should be reported on realtime basis.

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