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Social CRM | Find | Planning

Social CRM Find Plan - Digital Marketing

Social CRM Find Plan – Digital Marketing

This info-graphic is second in the series of ten. Objective of this graphic is to show what capabilities are desired for planning activity in find/promotion phase.

Social CRM - Find - Plan IG - Digital Marketing

Social CRM Find Plan IG – Digital Marketing

Content in the graphic:

  • Executive Summary
    • History
    • Mission & Objectives
    • Target Market Analysis
    • Positioning
    • Marketing Mix extract
    • Financial Analysis
  • Situation Analysis
    • SWOT
    • PESTEL
    • Competition Analysis
      • What Is Competition
      • What You Are Offering
      • Competitive Advantage
  • Market Analysis
    • Demographics
    • Consumer Needs
    • Growth Trends
    • Culture
  • Positioning
    • As Is (Where are you at the moment)
    • To Be (Desired position in the Market)
  • Marketing Mix
    • Producer Oriented (Product, Price, Promotion, Place, Physical Evidence, People, Process)
    • Consumer Oriented (Corporation, Consumer, Commodity, Cost, Communication, Convenience, Circumstances)
  • Financial Analysis
    • Break Even Analysis
    • Return On Investment
    • Sales Forecasts
    • Expense Forecasts
    • Linking Expenditure with Strategy
    • Contribution to margin
  • Control & Monitoring Planning
    • Conversion Rates
    • Click Through Rates
    • Customer Feedback
    • Repeat Customers
    • Conversion Costs

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