Technology is making books redundant!

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It may indeed be true to say, that cyberspace will make written words on paper redundant in times to come; this subject, however, requires further analysis. Most of the people have started claiming that cutting-edge technology will become the principle source of information, thus making books obsolete. Contrariwise, few refute this argument on medical and financial grounds. In this blog, we will put more deliberation on both arguments before arriving to reasoned conclusion.

Information Technology is progressing with alacrity and encroaching on all walks of life. Reading experience is at the verge of transformation from books to e-books. Consequently, this will change the design of the traditional study room, where we will find technical gadgets instead of written words, novels or books etc. Admittedly, it is easier to fetch relevant part of text from internet rather than searching it manually in books. For instance, internet give its users provision of searching any part of the text with the help of search engines like Google or Bing etc.

Furthermore, information on the web is updated effortlessly which ensures information integrity. Moreover, it is expedient to read through computers. To illustrate, if information is read with word processing software then translation and other data processing activities are at your fingertips. Finally, this transformation will contribute significantly in environmental conservation because deforestation will decrease substantially due to less demand of wood in the market place.

However, further analysis reveals drawbacks to this way of thinking. A contrary school of thought believes that it is not feasible to substitute books and written words with world-wide-web due to modicum reasons. Firstly, sitting in-front of computers for prolonged hours of reading is a health hazard. In addition, capital outlay required for this setup is beyond purchasing power of most of the people.

Finally to recapitulate, my predilection is towards electronic reading which I reckon heavily outweighs its disadvantages. However, it is suggested that inspite of resisting the change we should focus on managing it by introducing health friendly Visual Display Units and offering loans to everyone to procure personal computers.

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