Journey of traditional marketing to digital!

Changing Marketing - Digital marketing
Changing Marketing – Digital marketing

About three decades ago, in early 1980’s mankind developed technology which transformed the traditional way of communications and interaction. Internet is the fastest growing industry in the world as we speak where life of the technology is not even months and there is a constant requirement of continuous progress otherwise you are out of this industry. Internet is for sprinters not for marathon runners.

Fast progress of Internet has triggered change in long-established ways of marketing as well. Transformation from traditional marketing to digital marketing is very important field of study nowadays.

Social Media is one of the core component of online marketing and it has been playing an increasingly important role in our day-to-day life. It has brought us many benefits. Social Networking Websites are the place where people use to spend a lot of time and interact with their dear ones or even with their colleagues on daily basis. Therefore, it gives us opportunity to earn our livelihoods by making full use of our contacts and promoting products/services in the comfort of Home. For this reason it is sometimes referred as “Home Based Job” or “Work at Home”.

Recent surveys by different companies on social media audience reveal very interesting findings:

  • Three out of four persons feel positive after participating in social networking.
  • Social media is dominating internet usage where about one fourth of the time people use to spend on these websites whilst online.
  • Females spend 25% more time on social media than males.
  • Social networking is happening during work as well.
  • More people accessing these websites through mobile phones than computers.
  • Facebook & Twitter are among the top five social networking sites.

After having understanding of social media audience, it is eminent that using this media for promoting products and services is a pragmatic way forward. As selling, always require trust worthy face and provision for interaction. Opportunely, these things are possible through social networking websites like Facebook, Twitter and linkedIn.

Furthermore, online selling provides opportunity to close sale deals while sitting on laptops, mobile phones and computers. There is no need to call anyone or visit any place in-person to buy product or service. Thus, it is more convenient and fast to procure things online. Moreover, potential buyers have access to the reviews of most of the products online, which enables them in making right decisions.

There is no harm in joining this rational community and start promoting products/services, as you are going to spend considerable time on social media anyway.

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