Is Social CRM Innovation Or Need?

Social CRM - Digital Marketing
Social CRM – Digital Marketing

Since the introduction of social media on internet, businesses are exploring methods to utilize this media to their advantage, at the same time increasing revenues and controlling loss of business.

We can easily divide social media into two separate generations. First generation was the inception stage, when businesses used social media through social websites administration tools but due to mushroom growth in social media industry. Owing to this, second generation was born, which is still at the nascent stage, it is managing social media presence through Social Customer Relationship Management applications such as Sugar CRM, Sales Force, Nimble and to name but a few.

There are several reasons why this advancement was required in-fact it is not innovation rather a need. Businesses need some tool to bridge gap between company business strategies and social networking execution. Furthermore, single interface was required to manage all social media sites together. Moreover, each digital marketing campaign usually carried out on different websites having different approaches and there was a requirement of scheduling activities like posts, blogs, and follow-ups. Finally, alerts from all websites were required to single interface to respond. Thus, it clearly shows that it was a business need.

Although, there are several business needs which need to be met by all applications available in the market today? First and the foremost, problem area is that there is no single Social CRM application, which integrates to all social media sites with the same synergy as with other websites. For instance, some CRM software is good with facebook, twitter and linkedIn but weak in connecting to blogging or bookmarking sites etc. There is one more thing on which Social CRM has to prosper and that is, management tools required to develop social media strategies such as, how to use influencers in generating potential leads or decision support systems suggesting approach, timings and type of social media for particular campaigns.

Finally, to recapitulate, Social CRM is worthwhile initiative and all businesses should go for them in order to get maximum value for money as it provides more control over social media. However, feedback to software houses developing such applications is important to make improvements in this technology in times to come.

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