Influencing Factors For Social Media Marketing!

Social Media Marketing - Digital Marketing
Social Media Marketing – Digital Marketing

Transformation of marketing preference from traditional way to social media is on the rise. Conventional marketing is in practice for many decades now. This is the reason due to which this style considered suitable for businesses today. However, trend is shifting towards social networking rapidly. There are many convincing reasons due to which this change is happening but in this article, we will look at eight compelling motives:

1. Marketing with trustworthy personnel: Organizations look for trustworthy individuals as their brand ambassadors. Social media is the ideal platform for such business model. As every individual, is trustworthy within his own social circle. Organizations build their fan list, use their fans as their brand ambassadors, and ask them to communicate brand value among their respective groups. This job falls under their comfort zone due to social media, as while sitting at their home they can interact with their loved ones. Consequently, this increases sales conversion rate.

2. No geographical barriers: Internet has removed geographical barriers in all occupations. International business players are operating seamlessly at global level since the advent of internet. Since social networking works on internet, so it automatically inherits this benefit.

3. Appropriate Approach For All Cultures: First predicament that comes to mind when you are operating at global level, is how to make suitable marketing approach, that go well with different cultures. Social networking is a resolution to this hitch, as brand ambassadors are bridging this gap of different culture of organization and the target market. Since brand ambassador belongs to the same culture, his marketing campaign is acceptable to his social circle. Thus, social networking is the superlative gizmo for globalization.

4. Online After Sales Reviews: Online businesses have competitive edge over its counterpart because their potential buyers are few clicks away from accessing the online reviews of the particular product or service. This fact influences their decision-making and puts weight on sales person’s argument.

5. Rising Trend Of Social Media Usage: As per recent surveys conducted by several companies, reveal Facebook alone holds more than 1.2 billion users and is dominating the social media. This validates that social media usage is increasing rapidly. Furthermore, people use more than half of their online time on social media. This clearly shows that in future social media will become the most popular platform for marketing in order to reach masses.

6. Falls In Comfort Zone: It is convenient for the buyer to procure things online sitting on the couch rather than visiting shops or offices in person. On top of this, brand ambassadors and companies promote different products and services while sitting in their offices and houses yet manage to increase their sales and brand awareness.

7. Effective Market Feedback On Campaigns: Beauty of social media is interaction. This provides effective platform for getting accurate feedback from the buyer/consumer. This information is important to rationalize marketing strategy, Improving or introducing new products and services.

8. Cost Effective Channel: Social networking is one of the most cost effective marketing medium. As it, require less money to advertise than other mediums like TV, Telemarketing etc.

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