Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing
Switch On Digital Marketing In Your Business

Digital Marketing is new flavor in marketing. Basically it is “communicating value” to market through digital gadgets like desktop computers, smartphones, tablet computers etc. Internet marketing is the major portion of digital marketing that is why on most occasions these terms are used interchangeably. Internet Marketing has five major types:

  1. Search Engine Marketing: marketing on search engines either paid (inorganic) or unpaid (organic).
  2. Email Marketing: marketing through sending emails.
  3. Social Media Marketing: marketing through social media sites (Social Networking Sites, Blogging, Media Sharing, Document Sharing, VoIP, Social Bookmarking and Social News).
  4. Display Advertising: Advertisements on websites (Pay Per Click etc).
  5. Affiliate Marketing: Outsourced marketing executives doing online marketing and sales.

Internet Marketing suit all businesses to manage global operations as in all of the above modes local representative is used for marketing to match respective cultural norms. Communicating value

to worldwide audience is very much a click away. Another important factor is the cost of marketing over internet, which is very low if compared with conventional marketing.

Increasing trends of consumption of internet is compelling all businesses to start marketing over internet otherwise when people are participating in social media or surfing internet they will not receive information being on Television or road shows or seminars.

You can use your existing clients to post their comments on the services or products and then marketing it within their respective social circles. This will influence buying decisions. This approach should be used in-conjunction with some incentive program for the consumers. Incentive program can be issuing coupons or offering rebate in the service fee etc.

At the end it is important to highlight that traditional marketing has proved its worth and versatility over time and it cannot be redundant in times to come due to couple of significant reasons. Firstly, when you have a new business and there is no reputation or brand value at hand then conventional marketing is the viable option to get fast response from the market. Secondly, whenever you want to target to some particular demographic of consumer then it is not necessary that computer literacy in that specific area is at optimum level that internet marketing is used.

Finally, to recapitulate, blend of digital and traditional marketing is future.

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