Computer Games Vs Traditional Games

Online Games - Digital Marketing
Online Games – Digital Marketing

Transformation of juvenile preferences has been in debates for many years now. One of the leisure activities of youth is playing games on social media platform. Technology proliferation has changed many traditional practices and teenager’s preference on online games is no exception. There are positive and negative effects on their behavior and health, which is discussed below in the same order.

Social media games are nurturing important skills in children. Namely to illustrate, enhancing strategic thinking, motivation to progress to the next level and in some ways physically handicapped children can compete in virtual environment. Thus, it is clear from above that there are numerous advantages which cyber age brings with itself.

However further analysis reveals drawbacks to this way of thing. Contrary school of thought believes that this trend of children playing games for extended amount of time on computers has adverse effects on their behavior and health. For instance, it has been seen recently that most of the games are more violent like Street fighter, Tekken, Grand Theft, to name but a few. Moreover, sitting in front of visual display units effect eyesight. In addition, computer games are not providing them opportunity for physical exertion, which is required in the growing age.  For example, outdoor games like football or cricket make them physically fit but computer games are making children couch potatoes.

Finally, to recapitulate, it is my own personal view that there should be a balance between time spent on computer games and antediluvian games. In order to realize above it is suggested that children should be made aware that what the repercussions are if outdoor games are not played, at the same time monitoring their activities.

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